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Medicaid and CHIP Outreach

We are devoted to our initiative of working towards affordable, accessible, and comprehensive health insurance for all. Partnered with national and local organizations, we fight for healthcare reform, inclusivity, and solutions to help close the health coverage gap in Idaho.

Raquel Pearson, our Outreach Specialist, assists in advocating for programs such as Medicaid and CHIP in Idaho and we work closely with local and national partners to urge our politicians to protect our healthcare. By collecting stories and contacting our legislators, we continue to work towards legislation that provides appropriate healthcare for everyone in Idaho.

Although we advocate for healthcare as a whole, we focus on Medicaid and CHIP in much of our efforts. Our organization will continue to fight against cuts to Medicaid and we will continue to advocate for clean legislation that properly funds CHIP into the future.

We depend on your support. Your stories and personal support for these healthcare programs are pivotal to the work we do.

If you would like to share your healthcare story with us, would like to voice your support for Medicaid and CHIP, or wish to advocate on behalf of those in the coverage gap, please contact our Outreach Specialist at:

If you would like to email our senators directly, please visit the following link:


For more information on Idaho's coverage gap, please visit Close The Gap Idaho on the link below: 

Close the Gap Idaho

If you wish to directly write our senators, please direct your letters to their local offices:

Senator Mike Crapo:

251 E Front St # 205, Boise, ID 83702

(208) 334-1776

Senator James Risch:

350 N 9th St #302, Boise, ID 83702

(208) 342- 7985